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Everyone who buys on the Internet faces the problem of choosing a seller. When buying things, we look through dozens of stores with similar goods, or we go to a specific one, realizing that only this seller has the desired product. Actually, on everything is happening the same as on any other marketplace. there are thousands of sellers here offering approximately the same restrictions, and it is not always easy for an ordinary user to decide who to buy from, especially if she visited SPRUT for the first time. And so, we tell you what functionality the buyer has to determine the most suitable seller.

How to choose a store on the website?

To decide who to buy a prohibited card from SPRUT, you should pay attention to the store’s rating.In him, like Deribas, there was no direction or aspiration towards evil. Neither good nor evil existed for him at all. In man, he saw only the sum of his possible productivity, the realized “added value” of Marx to the costs of processed raw materials. Frenkel defined this “cost of a person” accurately. He was a clear, complete rationalist of the international type, who discarded as unnecessary rubbish everything that could not be valued in currency. Having excelled with his energy and undoubted organizational abilities in small matters, Frenkel, through the mediation of his then boss presented to the center his project for the mass use of exiles as slaves for the construction of socialism. He again guessed the spirit of the times. The first five-year plan was no longer on the horizon, and providing the plans outlined in it with cheap, almost free labor could not have come at a better time. It can be assumed that Yagoda, who then came into power, supported the old friend he protected. Blacksprut, who was still listed as a convict, immediately jumped to second place in the hierarchy. He was appointed chief, or rather organizer The rating is formed based on the number of transactions the store conducted, how many of them were successful, and so on.He quickly created an entire industrial organism, using numerous specialists sitting on Solovki. Or rather, he created only headquarters Also, each store has a section with reviews, where past customers shared their experience of cooperation with this store. It is also worth saying that the prices for products are different for everyone; the younger the store, the cheaper the product, as a rule. Choose the most optimal option for yourself based on price and reliability of the seller. To complete a transaction, it is enough to pay for the goods on the bs darknet and receive in response a map with a geo-tagged location of the products. You will have 24 hours to pick up your purchase, check it and leave a review.